Application Case
  • HARWAR UAV Mapping Survey Industry Solutions


    The emergence of the HARWAR UAV Surveying and Mapping Drone makes up for this technological void, allowing quick and easy access to mapping information from the sky and 360-degree real-time transmission of terrain coordinates and distances, as well as high-speed 3D digital modeling.

  • What is "Chinese Precision"


    In the field of satellite navigation applications, higher accuracy means better application effect and user experience, and the "Chinese Precision" should only be limited by imagination. "Chinese precision" is a global star-based high-precision enhancement service system released in June 2015.

  • GPS Application in the Measurement


    GPS can be used to control measurement, landform measurement, staking out and aquatic operation.

  • The elements related to the RTK measurement


    RTK measurement needs to avoid some disadvantageous elements; the reason to generate these elements is for the limit of the whole GPS system.

  • GPS Measurement Method


    GPS and difference technique are used in real time and measurement after, speed static technique is only used in measurement after.

  • GPS System Brief Introduction


    The Composition of GPS System, GPS position and phase measurement