Technical Specifications:

Intelligent double electric, Handheld universal
      The host comes standard with two large-capacity smart lithium batteries, and is common with the handheld battery, comes with a power detection chip, a key that knows the remaining power, dual batteries, hot switching, bring you never-ending measurement experience.

Solid as gold soup, solid as a rock
       The body of G970Ⅱ main machine body is made of pure magnesium alloy material, which has more excellent electromagnetic shielding performance and more lightweight solid body, which ensures the stable and reliable operation of equipment.

Combined antenna, complete machine optimization
       Using a new combination of antennas, GNSS, WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G set as a whole, the new design (more concise) of the internal structure, the whole system-level optimization, brings a more pure internal electromagnetic environment and better signal performance.

4G network double insurance
       Both the host computer and the user's handheld have built-in 4G Netcom network modules, which can access different operators' mobile networks. If there is a difference in the signal strength of the network in the work area, you can choose to access a better network and data transmission is more secure.

Multiple communication connections
      WiFi, Bluetooth, RTK host network connection, support IGRS pairing, users can choose the connection method according to the specific job, flexible and efficient.

Two-dimensional code parameters
      The conversion parameters support the two-dimensional code sharing. When the multi-device combination operation is performed, the software's scanning function can be used to directly share the conversion parameters to avoid errors caused by manual copying.

Site elevation
      Various elevation model files, such as triangular nets, are self-built and imported for site elevation staking to facilitate site elevation control.

Background map
      Support SHP, DXF and other user data to add, support offline and online Baidu map display, there are maps and the truth.